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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Troyes

Whether you are in Troyes, in the Aube, for a weekend or for a longer stay, the trouble of going through an agency. Test the car with OuiCar, this service will facilitate your travels. car owner , it is very economical and friendlier than a rental company such as Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Rent a drop or Alamo rent a car. You need a large trunk for a ride in a furniture store, a minivan or a minibus for a family holiday, a city with girlfriends or a utility to move all your boxes? No problem ! From 15 € per day , and among our offer of more than 30 000 cars in France, you'll find the vehicle you need, at the lowest price. Make your choice ! assistance 24h / 24 and 7/7 covers you for the duration of your rental. Book a car has never been easier than with services like OuiCar! And you, what category will you choose? When booking, you can choose the perfect car of all our categories of vehicles available in our offer in Troyes and filter your request: automatic transmission or manual transmission, range and class of car, delivery to the bus station or airport the prices and options. Convenient is not it? Forget the traditional rental agencies like Rent a car, Rent a drop, Sixt! At OuiCar you rent when you want and where you want. Why not at the bus station in the city center, Saint-Urbain Basilica, near the Seine or at the foot of the Chapelle Saint-Luc? Moreover, our auto insurance deductible casualty against theft, damage and failure with assistance 24h / 24 and 7/7 covers you for the duration of your rental and even -delà borders. Why not going to discover Luxembourg, 2h30 drive? A claim will be provided in case of problems with the lease agreement and insurance certificate. After your online car reservation, you will contact the owner to arrange an appointment for key exchange. On site, you will make a state of the vehicle and then places you sign a lease , which includes our auto insurance deductible casualty against theft, damage and fault and a declaration in case something happens damage. Rent a car in Troyes with OuiCar is simple and secure and much more friendly than conventional agencies! You can hire a Renault, Peugeot, BMW or Fiat cheap for a ride in the city and do some sightseeing. There are even tons of available utility vehicles, convenient to put it all your boxes if you are planning a move. Our auto insurance deductible covers you for the duration of your rental, for all categories of vehicles and even utilities. A claim will be provided in case something happens. Travel peacefully! Looking for a rental car in Troyes? Located two hours from Paris, this is a city rich in history and art: it was the capital of the Counts of Champagne and theater Large Champagne Fairs . Do you know that there Seine which runs through the city? The churches are numerous: discover the Basilica of St. Urban, a masterpiece of Gothic art with beautiful stone lacework, the extraordinary choir loft of St. Madeleine church, the Chapelle Saint-Luc or the majestic St. Peter's Cathedral Saint Paul . Then stroll in the cobbled streets of the city, enter the narrow alley of Cats and discover the wonderful timbered houses and history. If you get the chance, do not miss the free show in City Lights , one of the events of the Trojan summers, combining highlighted the city and street theater. And for the sweet tooth, take a break in one of the many restaurants to taste the famous artisanal sausage from Troyes , and why not, drink a glass of Champagne (in moderation)! Book your stay easily change life! Why even go through a car rental agency? Enjoy offers OuiCar service vehicles at low prices and available everywhere in the city: near the Seine, in the center or at the bus station at the foot of the Chapelle Saint-Luc or near your hotel. The car rental services between individuals are convenient, flexible and so much more human than the agencies. Book a vehicle with OuiCar has never been so simple and fast. You choose the category from our offer: minivan, minibus, city, utility, luxury car, you book the dates that suit you and hop voila! You are covered by our franchise against theft, damage and failure with assistance 24h / 24 and 7/7 throughout the duration of your rental. Even for a move if you rent a utility (truck <3.5T) to carry all your boxes. Rent calmly. With OuiCar, choice, there! Compare our rates in Troyes and find the gem in its proposed range.
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