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À propos du prix

  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Paris 15ème

You are passing through the capital and you need to rent a car in Paris 15 ? Do not hesitate: try the car owners in Paris 15th with OuiCar. You will easily find the model of your choice: city car, sedan, sports car or utility, in manual or automatic transmission box, model cars for rent in Paris 15 are numerous and answer sure your expectations. OuiCar is a simple, convenient, friendly and safe! Choose from our 30 000 advertisements of cars and commercial vehicles available in France and in the French capital. The opportunity to visit the capital easy and affordable! Once your online reservation, contact the vehicle owner and arrange an appointment for key exchange: if you arrive by train, why not start your car rental in Gare Montparnasse - Vaugirard ? Otherwise, the metro La Motte - Piquet Grenelle or Javel - André Citroën, rue du Commerce, rue de Lourmel, near the Eiffel Tower, St. Charles Place d'Alleray, Breteuil Square, or wherever you want in the Capital. The price includes a Comprehensive insurance that covers the vehicle throughout the duration of the lease, ideal for a rental car in Paris 15 with peace of mind! You will sign a rental contract with all the details of your rental noted above. Car rental in Paris 15th with OuiCar is a real good deal: you save on rental fees, and you can focus your budget to discover the Capital. You see, book a car will never be easier than with OuiCar. It is a simple, convenient, friendly and safe! Compare our ads, book, go! Discover the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Left Bank and its many bridges: Bridge Bir Hakeim Mirabeau bridge or bridge of the Garigliano, the architectural works lovers will be filled here! The 15th arrondissement is a pleasant place for daily life and home to many monuments, its "village" will seduce you and you will discover its parks, which are a small oasis of freshness in the heart of the city. Visit the Bourdelle Museum, Art Museum housing the studio, the garden and the house of Antoine Bourdelle (student of Rodin) and the Postal Museum. Leave your car rental in Paris 15 in a parking lot and take the air Parc André Citroën ! If you come for a show, the Exhibition is in this area: Fair or Paris Agricultural Show, the most important events are held throughout the year! enjoy your rental car to visit the city and get to Disneyland Paris and the Chateau de Versailles. You will easily find a place in a closed parking in the basement to park your car in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris closed location and secure parking Saint-Charles, closed and secure parking location Convention closed and secured parking space Yespark André Citroën - Cauchy, closed and secure parking Balard or not Lecourbe private parking. All are located in the basement for safety. In case of problems during your holiday, go into a neighborhood garage as the garage Cite Lecourbe - Citroen, the Renault garage Bonvin Lecourbe Automotive or garage Maine. If you are looking for a rental closed parking and secure parking basement or outside, or a box rental or commercial, there are tons at very competitive prices. You could take a subscription if you live in the neighborhood. Educate yourself! OuiCar is ideal for traveling without breaking the bank but also to earn money easily. You own a vehicle in the 15th arrondissement that you do not use every day? Rather than to sell it, rent it to individuals in your neighborhood and earn up to 600 euros per month. The opportunity to help leverage your auto expenses: insurance, maintenance and fuel, and to pay part of your rent or your credit and finance your own projects. Once your reserved car, you will meet the tenant and will set an appointment where you want to give the car key for example in the Gare de Lyon, North, East, Montparnasse and Bercy, or near Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle. Otherwise, in the district of Vaugirard or Motte - Piquet Grenelle. You will then the state of the vehicle places, we advise you to do day rather than at night to benefit from better visibility. You then sign a lease that includes a Comprehensive insurance . Your personal insurance is not affected! The 15th district of the capital is home to many monuments such as the Statue of Liberty. You know OuiCar Connect, vehicle rentals by owners without key exchange? Within minutes, the owner rents his car from his home and the tenant reserve, open, start and close the vehicle with his smartphone. Convenient, no? Pick the car you want in the center of the city, Gare Montparnasse - Vaugirard, otherwise the metro La Motte - Piquet Grenelle or Javel - André Citroën, rue du Commerce, rue de Lourmel, near the Eiffel Tower, St. Charles Place d'Alleray, Place de Breteuil, or anywhere you want in the Capital. The tenant then proceeded to the inventory on his phone to conclude the lease. We advise you to do day rather than at night to enjoy a better light. The owner, he receives on his phone and validates everything remotely. No need to travel kilometers to find a rental agency. With OuiCar, renting wherever you want and whenever you want! The key is in the past!
If you move soon, rent a commercial vehicle near you and at prices attractive through OuiCar. We have over 5000 trucks available throughout France and hundreds in the Paris city. Enjoy the many and reserved parking locations in the city to park your truck moving time if you can not park it down to you. Compare our vans, book the ad that you like the most and go!
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