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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Paris 14ème

The idea of ​​taking public transport to Paris tired you in advance? To visit the capital at your own pace and in complete freedom from the world, try especially cars in particular in Paris on 14th OuiCar ! No need to go to a car rental company as Avis or Europcar. With the owners of rental car, you get a car at a low price, and you earn a total freedom of movement! Choose the right car among our 30,000 adverts of cars and commercial vehicles available throughout France and the Paris Capitale. Models of cars for rent in Paris are varied. Whether you need a utility to relocate, an exceptional car for a special occasion or for a city park easily, you will find the ideal car, from 15 € per day rental . Another plus is the friendly contact that you have with an owner of Parisian vehicle, which may be able to drag your ear its best addresses. After booking your car hire done online, you will meet the owner for key exchange. Why not at the Gare de Lyon or the Gare Montparnasse? Otherwise Street Dareau before the restaurant Corentin, in a car park near your house or wherever you want! You will sign a lease after the condition of the vehicle locations (departure and return), with all the information on your rental noted above, and includes a Comprehensive insurance . Compared to a classic car rental agency, our collaborative service offers low prices all year and you no longer need to travel, so enjoy! Wondering if you have room to park your car in the 14th arrondissement of Paris city? The advantage is that the 14th arrondissement of Paris is home to many parking areas: public and private location, underground secure parking Indigo Montparnasse Raspail, private and public location, underground secure parking Indigo Alesia closed, underground location and secure public parking St. Jacques 1 or the Saemes Parking Porte d'Orleans, the residential parking lot Saemes Didot and parking Yespark Montparnasse Cemetery. All are located in the basement for safety. In case of problems during your holiday, go into a neighborhood garage as the GOP garage Services, the ITV garage - Sécuritest or Midas garage - Brown. If you are looking for a rental closed parking and secure, underground or outdoor parking or rental box or commercial, there are tons at very competitive prices. You could take a subscription if you live in the neighborhood. Educate yourself! Rent a car owners is a good option to browse the 14th arrondissement, a lively area, which will appeal to theater and cinema lovers. Why not make an appointment with your landlord to get off the train and rent a car at Gare Montparnasse Cartier Foundation , which features beautiful exhibitions. You can also find several museums that are worth visiting such as the Museum Roy Adzak or the Jean Moulin Museum. For an unusual visit, get in the Catacombs of Paris , an ossuary that can be visited and which gives us rich insights into the history of Paris. On board your car, leave some family fun at Disneyland, a few minutes drive from the capital. For history buffs, there is always the Palace of Versailles to visit. OuiCar is the ideal service to get around without spending but also to earn money easily. You own a vehicle in the 13th arrondissement that you do not use every day? Rather than to sell it, rent it to individuals in your neighborhood and earn up to 600 euros per month. The opportunity to help leverage your auto expenses: insurance, maintenance, change parts and fuel, and to pay part of your rent or your credit and finance your own projects. Once your reserved car, you will meet the tenant and will set an appointment where you want to give the car key: for example Montparnasse station. You will then the state of the vehicle places, we advise you to do day rather than at night to benefit from better visibility. You then sign a lease that includes a Comprehensive insurance . Your personal insurance is not affected! Looking for accommodation in the 14th district? Rent a room in a hotel, studio or apartment in a private residence with terrace with views (on the Eiffel Tower, for example) and private garage or box. Once the reservation is booked her, he will do more than book owners hire car on OuiCar close to your accommodation. Choose your customized vehicle among our many announcements of commercial cars and vehicles available throughout France and in this district of Paris town. Hire a sedan, a city, a monopsace, a minibus, a luxury car to roam the streets day or night from the most beautiful city in the world or even a utility to transport your furniture if you move. We have over 30,000 listings of cars and commercial vehicles available at low prices. Choose between a city car, a utility, a sedan, a minivan or a luxury car. Over 1.6 million users already trust us. Why not you ?
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