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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Nîmes

Need information on the car owner during your visit to Nîmes in the Gard? No more classic car rental agencies such as Avis, Hertz or Rent a car! For your holiday, you can enjoy a car rental or commercial vehicles (truck <3.5T) at bargain prices safely with OuiCar company while benefiting as a driver of a pack Auto comprehensive insurance that covers the vehicle for the entire rental period (deductible theft, damage, malfunction) and offers a good buy-deductible if something goes wrong: ideal for renting peace of mind! Easy, convenient and secure online booking your car directly OuiCar you contact the owner to arrange schedules and a place of appointment for the keys and presto, voila! Why not at the bus station in front of the amphitheater or at the stage of Costieres set? A small Fiat to travel the roads of the Gard? A Minibus 9 seats? A compact 5-door minivan? A city? A utility vehicle? What category of car will you choose? Options and accessories are included in the price. Compare offers, book online, rent a car and go on holiday in France where you want to do some sightseeing! Better than the classic car rental agencies such as Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Europcar Rent a car or with the company OuiCar you have only advantages: taking a rental car, you save money by renting a car to an individual and you round your ends of the month when you are not using your own vehicle. A great opportunity! For weekends or weekdays, rent a car class you need from several offerings: a city car, a minivan, a compact vehicle, a minibus or even a commercial vehicle (truck <3.5T) with manual gearbox or automatic transmission, petrol or diesel from a wide range of vehicles in Nimes. The advantage is that you choose your schedule, your options and accessories, length of stay, and the appointment of places: at Nimes Garons Airport for example from just after your flight, at the bus station, or even in the city center. Then compare online prices according. All information will be included in each announcement. When booking, you agree timetables of appointment with the owner to sign the contract and get the keys to the car. You can do this week as the weekend, it's convenient! No risk, your car rental will be provided by our insurance deductible AXA throughout the duration of the stay with a franchise package theft, damage, malfunction for any category of cars, including trucks. You can add the auto contract the number of additional drivers you want! Book class you need not wait at the airport to the bus station in the city center or the place that suits you! You'll do some sightseeing in Nîmes Scent of a Woman and you need info? Here is some information that will be useful for the occasion. For a weekend or a few days during the week, old stone enthusiasts, Nîmes will be a treat for you! Ancient architecture, medieval or even more recent, all periods are represented in the city. Full of life, Nîmes will enchant you with its thousand faces, with its mild and sunny climate throughout the year, the gardens of the fountain, for its temple Maison Carree, and its many bars and restaurants, will be the opportunity to enjoy the city while sipping a local pastis. You can not miss the Nîmes arenas , located in the heart of the historic district. Do not miss the Feria de Nîmes , Pentecost, and the Nîmes Flamenco Festival in winter. We also suggest a short break as the driver on board your car to admire the Gard Bridge great aqueduct, World Heritage of UNESCO and the plateau of Curbs, a natural area located in the Gard department. This plateau overlooks Nimes in the south. Come on, book early on the way! As a driver, forget traditional rental agencies. When booking and if you move, rent a commercial vehicle (truck <3.5T) from a wide range of utilities available in the city. A truck with such set? Choose a vehicle with manual transmission or automatic transmission, petrol or diesel from a wide range of vehicles in Nimes. In return, unlike rental agencies of conventional vehicles, do the inventory with the owner of the vehicle, check the state of the windows, tires, doors, fuel level and mileage, then sign the rental contract containing all the information and finally meeting the key. Same as on the way, you can make the car you want, at the airport, at the bus station in the center and when you want: weekdays or weekends. It's more convenient and flexible than an agency. For longer trips, you do not have to be the only driver, you can specify multiple free on contract to relay car on the road. You will find all the information on it. Fear of damage or theft? Your car rental is provided by our insurance deductible AXA throughout the duration of the stay with a flight pack, damage, malfunction and damage waiver to any car class, including truck. Compare, book, leave and you freedom!
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