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Location voiture Mulhouse (68), louer une voiture à Mulhouse (68) entre particuliers - Ouicar

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À propos du prix

  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Mulhouse

Going in eastern France for a weekend or week and you need a car? Forget the classic car agency as Avis, Sixt or Alamo rent a car. Discover Alsace cheap thanks to the car owner on OuiCar. Our car platform allows you to rent a cheap car in Mulhouse, from 15 € the day . Urban, minibus, minivan, utility (truck <3.5T) ... the tenant (the driver) choose the category and the car model in the search engine to find cars available for rent in Mulhouse. Payment is online and fully secure manner. The renter (driver) could filter their research and choose only the available vehicles at the airport or train station. The driver (the tenant) may also recover the vehicle near his home, his hotel or the nearest bus station. We offer over 30 000 cars and commercial vehicles for rent throughout France. As a driver, book, rent, go!
The car rental services between individuals are much more flexible and user-friendly as car agencies. After booking the vehicle on OuiCar, so after paying, just to the tenant (the driver) to get in touch with the owner and sign a rental agreement, which guarantees protection during the entire rental through our Police Auto comprehensive insurance and frankness flight by a third party damage and failure, and secure payment. This protection is the same, regardless of the category of the rented vehicle, the urban to the utility. Rent a car in particular, is to save money, it is also the possibility for the tenant to rent the car of his dreams and meet friendly Mulhouse who can share her good secret plans of their city. The renter (driver) will be able to add free additional drivers to travel quietly in the contract. You want information about the driver? To subscribe to the insurance, the driver (the tenant) must have the required age, or 21 years and minimum 3 years driving license. Therefore, a young driver can not rent a car, it would not be insured against damage during his hire. Conditions allow the lessee (the driver) to limit the risk to and returning from his location.
During your reservation, you can filter your search: vehicle with automatic transmission or manual transmission, age, odometer reading, type and model, price range, city and region, 3 or 5 doors, duration, vehicle delivered to the airport or at the station .... Convenient, no? No more traditional self agencies like Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt or Alamo rent a car. With OuiCar, renting a car or utility vehicle where you want, when you want, at the best price. Why not international EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg at the Gare de Mulhouse or at the bus station, close to home or in your hotel? A lease guarantees protection for your entire rental through our font Auto comprehensive insurance and frankness flight by a third party damage and failure. The tenant can subscribe to this protection regardless of the category of the rented vehicle, the urban to the utility (truck <3.5T) through the minibus, minivan or car collection. You will make an inventory of the vehicle there and back then you sign the lease.
A weekend or a week in Alsace, it is worth it! Do not go to Mulhouse without visiting the Alsace Ecomuseum highlights a greener lifestyle with multiple animations. You can take the opportunity to tour the many museums in the city, which will reveal all its facets. If you are passionate about music, you can attend a performance of the Symphony deemed Mulhouse! Enjoy a break to stop at Zum Sauwadala , which will introduce you to the sauerkraut to spaetzles or guts Pinot Black! And for the foodies, spin on the wine road of Alsace with your rented car in Mulhouse. Enjoy your rental car for the weekend or the week to visit the city of Strasbourg, Colmar, St. Louis or Basel. Stroll through the Vosges and admire the scenery breathtaking. Come visit Switzerland or Germany, you are also insured beyond the borders in neighboring countries. Reserve your car and go! What will you choose as vehicles: a Fiat? Peugeot? a Volkswagen?
Are you planning a move and want information about utilities? OuiCar is also very advantageous for the rental of a utility. No need to go through a self agency as Europcar, Hertz or Alamo rent a car or the relocation of professional services. We have a wide range of commercial vehicles (truck <3.5T) available in the area, with free delivery. You will have the possibility to rent a utility (truck <3.5T: 3-door or 5-door) near you easily for a round trip, a weekend or several days. With our multi-risk auto insurance policy and frankness flight by a third party damage and failure, you get the same protection beyond the borders, for example if you move to Switzerland. Add several additional drivers to lease and hop voila, it's perfect for long journeys by truck. Book soon as the driver (renter), click, move!
You want information on insurance and deductible damage and theft? For rent serenely, the tenant (the driver) should subscribe to our protection during his rental through our multi-risk auto insurance policy and frankness flight by a third party damage and failure. In case of problems, such as damage to the car or in case of theft by a third party, the insurance takes care of everything. Our 30,000 cars and commercial vehicles (truck <3.5T) are insured in the same way, regardless of the category. As a driver (tenant): book, rent and you freedom!
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