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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Maubeuge

Some sightseeing Scent of a Woman will not hurt you. You always wanted to know a little better the north of France? No need to go through a classic car agency like Europcar, Avis or Sixt. Enjoy cheap rates from car owner in Maubeuge on OuiCar to get started! So you go to visit Maubeuge freely. Urban, sedan, minivan, SUV, utility or luxury car, you'll find the right car for you among our 30,000 cars and commercial vehicles available at bargain prices in France and the region of Hauts-de-France. Compare our rates compared to agencies in the area, rent a Mercedes, a Polo, a Fiat, a sedan, a minivan (if you have lots of luggage or friends) or a supermini Clio example and voila! When booking your rental car, you can filter your search: class, model, price range, location, fuel type (petrol or diesel) or electric motor, number of seats, doors and odometer. To choose your own confidence, please look at the reviews of previous tenants. Once your car reserved through the site, you agree to an appointment with the owner for key exchange. To make a car rental in Maubeuge with confidence, you will sign a lease , which includes a Auto comprehensive insurance . So, no surprises. When your car, why not rent a Clio, a Mercedes Sprinter, a Fiat Ducato, Scudo or Fiat Panda, Volkswagen Polo or Caravelle or Crossover, Toyota or BMW at bargain prices? At OuiCar, you have a choice of cars and commercial vehicles! Maubeuge is a town that was partially destroyed during the 2nd World War. The city center was rebuilt after the war and has a very modern appearance, which hides some testimonies of the past. During your walks in the heart of Maubeuge, also see the Beguine of Cantuaines , the chapel of the Black Sisters and Contello college. Enjoy your rental car to visit the city of Valenciennes, Lille or even Mons and Brussels in Belgium. For all rentals are covered by our comprehensive insurance, northern, France and even in Europe (neighboring countries). And you, you are more: a city with girlfriends, a van to carry all your luggage, a minivan for your family, a utility for your boxes, a sedan for comfort or a vintage car for a wedding? Recover your vehicle at Lille Airport Lesquin example. You see, you can not do without the car rental service between particular. One advantage of the car owner is flexibility: you can arrange with the individual to get the car near you, the city center, the railway station or bus station, or airport. Convenient, no? You see, no need to travel kilometers to find an agency. Here you rent where you want, when you want, and affordable! Planning to move? The lease OuiCar is a great tip to save on your budget: rent you a utility vehicle near you from our wide range of utility vehicles (without bucket) available in your city and at bargain prices: the trucks are from 15 € / day. All OuiCar rentals are covered by our multi-risk auto insurance need to travel. Compare our car (petrol, diesel or electric motor) and our rates with nearby agencies, book, move!
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