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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Lille

Are you going to visit the city of Lille, in the north? Forget the classic car agencies! Enjoy a cheap car rental in Lille thanks to OuiCar to be free to travel on weekends, during the week and throughout your stay and all at the best price, and throughout France. As a tenant, rent a car near the Old Town, in Wazemmes, in the centre or directly at the Lille Flandres or Lille Europe station, if you arrive by train. Minibus, minivan, utility, city car? Better than a traditional agency, you have the possibility to rent a car when you want and where you want. You will find all the information on the site when you book, among more than 30,000 old vehicles and cars all over France. A real good financial plan. A rental contract will be available as soon as you make your reservation with all the necessary information on it. You will have to sign this rental contract with the owner when you hand over the keys and the inventory of fixtures of the vehicle.
> A short trip or a weekend in tourism mode? What is the advantage of car and truck rental between individuals as a tenant? It is a practical, accessible and so much more humane service than in a car agency. You will have the opportunity to chat with a friendly Lille owner and rent a car at a low price! You will also find utilities to rent if you move or if you plan to buy beautiful finds at the Lille auction house. As a tenant, make your reservation online, add the number of drivers you want, it's free! Choose the car category you need from among many brands in our offer of more than 30,000 cars (Opel, Nissan, Audi...). When you make your reservation, as a tenant you even have the possibility to filter your search: vehicle with car gearbox or manual gearbox, petrol or diesel, car or truck... Take advantage of our car insurance which covers the driver (and all drivers registered in the rental contract), all categories of cars, any damage and theft during the entire rental period and offers an attractive deductible buyback. Enjoy a safe journey.
> And if you decide to go out with friends and enjoy car rental between individuals during your stay, swap your little city car for a minivan or minibus rental near you. In addition, you can add as many additional drivers as you want to on the rental contract. A good OuiCar plan for every need! Thanks to the car contract between owner and tenant with all the necessary information on it, the young start-up guarantees you a serene and trouble-free rental. And for fans of mussels and chips and other shrimp croquettes, you should know that our service and car insurance policy also guarantees your trips to Belgium and neighbouring countries. Ideal for a little sightseeing, by choosing the car category from all the available vehicle brands. Young driver? Read our manual carefully, all the information is on it. Book, click, go!
> Need more information about the city of Lille? The city's airport is located in Lesquin, about 10 minutes from Lille centre. Our owners will be happy to welcome you there during the week or on weekends. Once in the northern capital, do not pass by the Belfry, the Grand Place, Place du Général de Gaulle or the impressive Citadelle Vauban. Come and visit Villeneuve d'ascq. Another institution for gourmands, sugar waffles from Meert's or the Merveilleux from Fred's. And during the big sale of Lille, if you bring back furniture, book and rent a commercial vehicle, at a low price. A truck is perfect for this type of event. Be careful, if you want to rent a commercial vehicle in Lille at that time, the competition is fierce, plan ahead! No need to go through one of the traditional car agencies. Here, the options are free, such as additional drivers and the deductible is very interesting in case of problems, practical when you are on a long trip. In addition, car rental between private individuals is a real good financial plan! Book quickly!
For the return trip, unlike traditional rental agencies and their franchise, you have the possibility to organize yourself simply by exchanging the necessary information with the owner, such as the place and time of your appointment, for example at the Lille Flandres station, Lille-Lesquin airport or in the city centre. The advantage is that as a tenant, you can rent on weekends as well as in the middle of the week. Book your car category from a wide choice of cars and commercial vehicles (trucks <3.5T) available throughout the city. When you return, leave your opinion on the landlord's profile to help future tenants make their choice. When you move, you no longer have to travel miles to find a utility agency. You can find a utility vehicle (truck <3.5T) among a wide range of brands, close to where you are. Our car insurance deductible covers commercial vehicles in the same way as all our vehicles (theft, damage, breakdown, additional drivers). Choose a weekday move over a weekend move, it will be cheaper and you will have more choices.
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