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  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Le Havre

Looking car hire in Le Havre for the weekend? The city of Le Havre is only 2:25 of Paris. No need to go through a traditional car rental agency, through an online comparison or to go through one of the bus companies. With OuiCar can rent a car online at a particular either from Paris or Le Havre if you take the train from the port or if you arrive at the airport of Le Havre-Octeville, to walk in you around freely. Looking for a Renault with manual transmission or rather a Fiat with automatic transmission? A diesel or petrol car? Sedan, wagon, sports car, minibus or even a utility on OuiCar you will find a wide selection of available vehicle models across France that meet your needs and especially at low prices. Couples, families or friends, what means of transportation will take you to your journey to heaven? Feel free to test the service car between individuals in Le Havre to discover this great port city. OuiCar is the best means of transportation if you go to heaven. Enjoy a car hire with confidence with a contract between you and the owner, which includes a Comprehensive insurance included in the price with a cancellation guarantee. Forget the classic car rental agencies (Avis, Hertz, Sixt and Europcar), when booking on OuiCar you can filter your search: car with automatic transmission or manual transmission, rent by the day or for several days, gasoline vehicle or diesel, starting from your city or in another part, delivery to station or airport ... It is a practical, simple and very user friendly that will not cost you much. In addition, all properties benefit from our comprehensive insurance for the entire trip with a cancellation guarantee. Go for it! You'll do some sightseeing in Normandy? Go visit some of the Seine Maritime without going through a rental agency. Hit the road with OuiCar! The architecture of Le Havre, rebuilt after the war by Auguste Perret , in fact cubic but pleasant city to wander, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A pride for France and Europe! Its pebble shore, lined with small colorful beach huts, waiting for you to invigorating swims in the Channel . Watch the Seine flows into the English Channel. Leave your car in one of the many parks of the city and enjoy the city, its port, Quai Southampton, Space Oscar Niemeyer, its commercial center Docks Vauban, different squares, hanging gardens, forests and Japanese gardens that adorn the city, or the house of the famous ship owner Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Test the St. Peter restaurant. On board your car whisked away on an adventure to discover the famous cliffs of Etretat and closed Arsene Lupine. and you can even go visit Saint-Martin-du -Manoir, Honfleur, Deauville and Rouen because you love them, typical of Normandy is the beauty of the Norman heritage before and after the war. Forget the bus trips, no need either a car rental agency Compare to find the vehicle dreamed haven. OuiCar has the solution, low prices and a huge selection of vehicles. Even for tourism. If you move to Le Havre, there are tons of utilities for rent throughout the city. You can even choose the capacity of your utility to 3.5T. The benefits of car rental between individuals compared to those of a conventional agency like Hertz is that you can retrieve in the harbor station, in the city center or even at the airport of Le Havre-Octeville. You can rent a car for the day or for a long stay. You get small prices all year even for minibuses, premium cars or utilities! Just to see all these details with the owner when booking. From your research, you can use filters: car with automatic transmission or manual transmission, rent by the day or for a long stay, petrol or diesel vehicle, starting from your city or in another region ... At the end your rent, let your opinion on the owner of the card. This will help future tenants to choose the best car hire possible Havre.
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