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Louer une voiture de particulier à Laval

For your holiday, you need to rent a car in Laval in the Pays de la Loire? No more traditional self agencies like Hertz, Sixt, Alamo rent a car, Carrefour, Avis or Europcar. You can rent a cheap car in Laval on OuiCar . We offer different models of cars for rent in Laval, starting from 15 € per day. The car owner in Laval on OuiCar is a friendly and economical way to travel! You can hire a car in Laval for a day, a week, or a month, at your convenience. Choose from our cars and commercial vehicles available in France and in your area. Once your reservation and your chosen car to transport your family or friends, you will not forget to agree on a venue with owner: why not start your car rental Gare de Laval if you arrive by train? Otherwise at the airport in Laval - Entrammes but also in the city center, in the St. Martin neighborhood or near your home. You will sign a lease agreement that frames the lease between you and the owner. The rental agreement includes a multi-risk auto insurance. Then you discover the Loire Valley! Urban, minibus, minivan, sedan, convertible, utility (truck <3.5T) ... What category of vehicle will you choose for your rental car? Compare prices of our vehicles, book yours and go! Marriage, moving, vacation, weekend improvised or business trip, you have the desire, we have cars. On OuiCar, you will find everything you need, and included free options. Compared to a conventional agency as Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Alamo rent a car, Carrefour and Europcar rent a car between particular is simpler, cheaper and above all more friendly! You meet an owner near you or your arrival station that can give you tips from the city. In addition, all rentals are covered by our multi-risk auto insurance, so you are covered for the duration of your trip. Compare all our cars to find the most suitable for your needs, book and you freedom! Between Normandy and Anjou, Laval invites you to discover its rich medieval past. Along the banks of the Mayenne, be surprised by Castle Laval . At the foot of the Castle, explore the ancient walls and narrow streets lined with beautiful houses with wood sides. Drink a glass of Trémoille Place enjoying a piece of Port-Hi. Parks, gardens and natural areas are very present in Laval. Park your car and take a trip to the Botanical Garden of the Perrine or in the medieval garden of the Cordeliers! Feel free to go visit the surroundings like the towns of Saint-Berthevin and Mayenne. Whatever your destination, we have the class and the car model adapted. Why not rent a Ford, an Audi or a Fiat? Are you planning to move? Think OuiCar to lease your commercial vehicles in Laval. We have tons of commercial vehicles and trucks offers available near you, a train station, an airport, in the St. Martin neighborhood or anywhere! Rent a cheap and utility forward! You will be able to make great savings on your moving budget. Whatever type of vehicle rented, all rentals are handled by our partner for the duration of your trip. Renting between people is more practical than an agency (Sixt, Hertz, Avis, Alamo rent a car, Carrefour or Europcar) and also more environmentally friendly. Share cars significantly reduced the pollution levels in the air. Do good to your wallet benefiting from low prices and a gesture for the planet. Compare compared to self agencies, rent a OuiCar vehicle, move!
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