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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Dijon

You go in Burgundy and are looking car hire in Dijon ? No more traditional car rental companies like Hertz, Rent a car or Avis. Try OuiCar as a tenant, the service car rental Owners at low prices! From 15 € per rental day, find the car you need from over 700 models: city car (a Fiat for example, or a Ford Fiesta), utility, minibuses, vintage car, minivan, sedan (why not a BMW or a Ford?). There is every vehicle you want in the city of Dijon. Go in peace, our Auto deductible casualty and our support 24h / 24, 7/7 covers you for the duration of your stay. The fuel is not included in the rental price. So, as a tenant, what class of car will you choose for your first rental in Dijon? Compare compared to self agencies enjoy the best prices, book your vehicle of choice and you freedom! car hire in Dijon via OuiCar is an easy, cheap and environmentally friendly! More convenient than a traditional agency like Hertz, Sixt, Avis Rent a car or Europcar. Forget the Internet comparator traditional lessors. Book a car has never been easier than with OuiCar! When booking you will find all vehicle categories from more than 30 000 cars across France. A system of Evaluation allows you to confidently choose the owner and the vehicle of your choice by filtering your search: vehicle with automatic transmission or manual transmission, the price range you want, the category the region, delivery to the airport or bus station and compare all offers! Rent a car or a utility, there is something for everyone, for all uses and all rates. The price included the options and insurance, excluding fuel. The owner is available to arrange a place and time of appointment. Why not at the airport of Dijon, at the bus station or in the city? On OuiCar, you'll find everything you want (among many categories) where you want! Why not a utility if you move? We have tons of utilities in Dijon. And if you have a few days before you head north towards Paris or Strasbourg to visit other cities, or Beaune to the south. As a tenant, our options package is included in the price. A trip to Dijon? The former capital of Dukes of Burgundy has an internationally recognized heritage. The historic center of town is a conservation area, closed to traffic. Fortunately many parking available nearby. You can wander on foot between the Haussmann-style buildings and mansions to more modern architectures. Enjoy your stay to visit the Museum of Fine Arts, located in the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy The Church of Notre-Dame of Dijon, St Michael's Church, the Liberation Square , Place Wilson or the archaeological museum which exhibits pieces from regional excavations. For the sweet tooth, you are in the ideal region! Enjoy with the famous mustard , red onions from Auxonne , or blackcurrant syrup testing the North Cape restaurant! With your car rented in Dijon, enjoy the road Grands Crus of Burgundy and discover Beaune, its prestigious vineyards and amazing Hotel Dieu! The vehicle owner will be available to give you the best addresses in Dijon. No need to go through a comparator or a self Agency as a tenant, go with peace of mind through our auto insurance deductible casualty and our support 24h / 24 and 7/7 that you cover throughout the term of the lease. The advantage is that you can retrieve your car rental in Dijon Bourgogne airport, the bus station of Dijon City or even in the city center directly. No need to go through the traditional rental companies or queuing in a car rental agency. OuiCar is a revolutionary service! Which category will you choose for your holiday in Dijon? When booking, book and rent a minibus, a city car (a Ford Ka for instance) or a minivan (why not a Peugeot?) For your stay focused on your holiday! Planning a move? Rent a utility from a wide range of commercial vehicles available anywhere in the city and discounts. The price included options and the insurance deductible, excluding fuel. Book a car has never been easier than with OuiCar and more, you get the best deals and the best prices for your holiday in Dijon! Go, go!
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