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Location voiture Châteauroux (36), louer une voiture à Châteauroux (36) entre particuliers - Ouicar

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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Châteauroux

You want to visit Châteauroux and its surroundings during your next stay in Indre? Forget the classic car agency as Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt or Alamo rent a car and Compare Online. For traveling, choose a simple, safe and economical: the car owner on OuiCar ! You choose the model that suits you, then you will check its availability, and finally you book online! car hire in Chateauroux on OuiCar is a good plan, which allows you to traveling from 15 € for a day! We offer a range of more than 30,000 cars and commercial vehicles for rent throughout France and in the region Center-Val de Loire. With us, you have the choice! When booking online your rental car, you can filter your search based on several criteria: the class of vehicle, type of fuel, a car automatic transmission or manual transmission, price range, location, duration the number of seats and door options. All special offers are the best prices. Hire a Fiat, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Opel Astra and a Hyundai simply and close to home, your workplace or your place of arrival. You independent of opening hours and closing traditional self agencies need either to use a comparator online. With OuiCar is the opportunity to rent a car where you want, when you want and at the best price! Urban, minivan, sedan, luxury car, van ... Whatever the category of the rented vehicle and the destination, the rental price includes a auto warranty casualty , which takes over from the usual insurance of the vehicle, the time of rental. For a serene and well framed transaction, you will sign a lease with the owner of the car. Compared to self agencies at home, there is flexibility and availability: the day of your arrival in the Châteauroux city You only need to recover the vehicle at the point of appointments arranged with the owner. Why not at the airport in Châteauroux-Center, the train station in the city center, in a garage or near you? Glass is one of the oldest cities in France, and its architectural heritage is very rich today: there are Menhir of the White Stone , from the Neolithic era. Castle Vitre , built in the Middle Ages, overlooking the city: a great opportunity to ride to enjoy a pleasant view! You can also visit the Castle Rocks , former residence of Madame de Sevigne , or just stroll through the old streets of Vitre, including streets Pottery with remarkable porch houses. Vitre is a flowered city where green spaces are numerous: a walk in the garden of the Mary Castle Park , or discover the groves of the town of Vitre. If you are in the area for Easter, do not miss the famous Carnival of Gays Fellows , with its various parades and throws eggs. For dining, in addition to the typical dishes from Brittany, Vitre will regale you with the Vitréais , a delicious almond cake, and Roll Sevigne , a beautiful stuffed guinea fowl. With your rental car will discover the town of Saint-Maur, Le Poinconnet, Saint-Gaultier Saint-Amand-Montrond or Burning! Tons of cars waiting for you to travel the roads of the Center-Val de Loire! OuiCar is a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly. It is a good plan if you move for example. The perfect opportunity to move without breaking the bank. We offer a range of over 5,000 commercial vehicles in France and dozens in your department. Rent a van near you and at bargain prices. If we can not help you make your boxes, it helps you but to make savings on your budget. Marriage, moving, vacation, weekend, holiday, business trip ... Whatever the occasion and your destination, rent a Fiat, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Opel Astra and a Hyundai simply and close to home, your workplace or your place of arrival at any reasonable price. All rentals are covered by our Auto comprehensive insurance , which takes over from the usual vehicle insurance time of rental. Better than an agency, our cars (with manual transmission and automatic transmission) are available at the station, at the airport, in the city center, in a garage near you. Just make your choice from our wide range of prices in the Indre and rent a city car, a minivan, a sedan, a luxury car or a commercial vehicle in Saint-Maur, Le Poinconnet, Saint-Gaultier Saint-Amand -Montrond or Ardentes!
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