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À propos du prix

  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Brest

You are on holiday in Brittany and you need a rental car in Brest for the weekend or the week? No more traditional rental companies such as Avis and Rent a car! Hire a car at Brest through OuiCar! Frankly, this car rental service owner is the ideal medium for exploring Brittany autonomously while making great savings. With a few clicks, the platform identifies your needs and you find the vehicle that fits your needs. Choose the category and brand of car for your stay: Opel Corsa by example and minibuses, city, utility (truck <3.5T) vehicle 5 doors, 9 seats ... all at the best price. If traveling with family, consider renting a minivan or compact car in Brest for a round trip, weekend or week from a wide supply available. A lease will be sent at the beginning of your lease, until the return. A multi-risk auto insurance (deductible theft, damage, malfunction) covers all drivers and offers a good buy-deductible for damage or other. So what category of vehicle will you choose? Forget the classic car rental agencies (Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Rent a car)! Book your car online for the weekend, the best price, then contact the owner to arrange a date and a place of appointment. If you arrive by train, you can end up at the bus station Brest for example. If you arrive by plane, get the car at Brest-Bretagne Airport just after your flight. even cars await you in the city center and near the port. On site, you will make the state of the vehicle locations (status of doors, windows, tires, cleaning, gas ...), then you sign a lease to and return. Finally, leave a notice online, on the website! It's not only cars on OuiCar. You will be able to also find commercial vehicles under 10 years of age if you need to move or transport furniture. multi-risk auto insurance is included in the price of your rental against theft, damage, failure and proposes an interesting franchise redemption. To rent on Ouicar, the driver must have the required age (21 years) and more than 3 years of license. You will find complete information on our website. Looking for a car for a weekend? No need to travel kilometers to find an agency and no need to book weeks in advance. Here you rent where you want and when you want. When booking online, you can filter your application for the site to identify your search: manual transmission or automatic transmission, petrol or diesel, options or not vehicle 5 doors, 7 or 9 seater car recovery station , airport or even in the city center or near the port. Fear of damage? Rest assured ! You are ensured by our multi-risk auto insurance (deductible theft, damage, malfunction) for all drivers and offers the possibility of a good redemption deductible if something goes wrong. Reserve your car from a wide range of cars (the platform identifies your application and offers what suits you), click, and go quietly! All information will be noted on the rental agreement. You want some information about the city? If you have cravings sea air and beach in Brest is for you! The beautiful Brest harbor welcomes you with its beautiful mill beach, perfect for a swim. Castle port perfect place to enjoy a glass of mead (in moderation!), Is the opportunity to stroll or embark boat for a ride off the Islands of Molène and Ushant . Browse Old Brest, from the Rue de Siam Landerneau to the door and enjoy the charms of this small town very lively! You are responsible for luggage, souvenirs or passengers? Use OuiCar service and rent a utility (truck <3.5T), a minibus or a compact vehicle to transport everything. No need to go through an agency or as Avis Rent a car. Here OuiCar identifies your need and you can easily find what you need and at discount prices. You are assured by our self comprehensive insurance even for utilities (deductible theft, damage, breakdown, breaks) for all drivers and get a good redemption deductible if something goes wrong. A quick return to Britain for the weekend? Take a rental car for a few hours. For longer trips, you can add the contract several additional drivers to take over during the trip. Better than a traditional rental agency (Avis, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Rent a car) when booking online, and as a driver, you can filter your request: manual transmission or automatic transmission, petrol or diesel , options or not, price range, brand and model (Opel Corsa, for example) and category (city car, minivan, compact utility vehicle, minivan, convertible, vehicle 5 doors ...) and if the car is available to eg airport or bus station. If you move, tons of commercial vehicles (truck <3.5T) are available for rent throughout the city and enjoy the same conditions of insurance (deductible theft, damage, failure, age and years of license) for the driver and its passengers. Remember to sign the contract and on the way!
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