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  • Prix moyen à la journée sur une base de 1 jour de location avec 100km
  • Assurance multirisque et assistance 24h/7j du véhicule en cas d'accident ou de panne.

Louer une voiture de particulier à Avignon

If you start a weekend or a week in Avignon, think of the car hire with OuiCar is an easy way to rent a cheap car, online, in Avignon and travel peace of mind! Forget about traditional including Sixt, Avis and Rent a car. On OuiCar, renting a vehicle at your convenience, for the duration of your choice from the small city car to the utility (truck <3.5T) through the MPV and compact vehicle. You sign a lease and the inventory, including our auto casualty insurance (deductible theft by a third party, damages, 21 years of age and 3 years required minimum allowed for the driver ), saving you any unpleasant surprises. Filter your booking: Vehicle with automatic transmission or manual transmission? Vehicle 5 doors? Car seats 7 or 9? At petrol or diesel? Choose, book, go! You go to the Avignon Festival for the weekend? Forget the system of classic car rental agencies, as a tenant and thanks to OuiCar rating system, you can visit assessment of the person who will rent you a vehicle ideal for rent in full trust ! COuiCar is perfect if you arrive by train or plane and you want to explore the area freely. So which category will you choose for your weekend, or even for a simple return? Book a car never was easier than with OuiCar. For flight by a third party or damage, do not panic, you are covered and what is included in the price. Travel peacefully! Test the car owner as a tenant for the weekend or a week in Avignon. For this, the driver must have the required age, or 21 years and minimum 3 years driving license. In this case, our auto insurance will cover you for the duration of your rental (deductible theft by a third party damage, breakdown assistance required 21 years of age and 3 years minimum allowed for the driver). You will never see your rental as before. With OuiCar you can visit the Vaucluse serenely cheap. When booking online, you can rent a city car, a van, a minivan, a compact car, a truck from a wide range of utilities. Canned auto or manual transmission, available at the airport of Avignon-Provence TGV bus station or directly in the city center, vehicle doors 5, 7 or 9 seater car category ... What are you going choose for your stay in Vaucluse? As a tenant, you will find all information related to your rental car on the contract you sign with the owner on the way out and back. There are more than 30 000 cars throughout France, you'll find your happiness! Book, rent, parry! You want information about Avignon and Provence? A bit of tourism does not hurt you. It is the old Popes city , and a city full of history, which has kept, over time, its original charm and many traces of its medieval past. Crossroads of civilizations, it was the capital of Christian Europe: many architectural elements testify, as the huge Papal Palace , located in the heart of the city. Must Also, do not miss the famous " Avignon Bridge " The Saint Benezet Bridge real name: destroyed by the numerous floods of the Rhone, there are still some arches. Avignon is a city very oriented culture. The famous Avignon Festival sees every summer hundreds of theater companies invest the streets of the city. And for the sweet tooth, you'll find plenty of time to explore the city on board your rented car to explore the many mouths of artisans and taste the honey from Provence, the Côtes du Rhône wines or the famous papalines! As a tenant, book an online vehicle for the week or the weekend from a large city to offer vehicle comptacte utility, minibus, minivan, sedan and vintage car. Better than a classic agency as Rent a car or Avis, here you rent where you want, when you want. Why not at the airport, the TGV bus station or in the city? You benefit from our multi-risk auto insurance (deductible theft by a third party damage and help breakdown) for the duration of your rental car. Which car will you choose? A category 5 door? A car with automatic transmission or manual transmission? In the event of a move, you will also have the opportunity to rent a utility (truck <3.5T) from a wide supply of available trucks. You will benefit from the same auto insurance deductible for other vehicles (theft by a third party damage, breakdown assistance required 21 years of age and 3 years minimum allowed for the driver). And it is included in the rental price! With OuiCar, reserve the gem from our vast range of cars, rent and you freedom Scent of a Woman! After your lease, make the state of the vehicle places, sign the contract and leave an online review of the car ad by telling your experience of the week. This will help the future tenant in his final choice. No need to endure the long wait for a rental agency, here you rent online easily in just a few clicks. Once your reservation made, you will have the opportunity to discuss with the owner who will help you select the best places to organize your stay tourism. Book and rent a car has never been so easy and convenient with OuiCar to make your week as beautiful as possible through our thoughts insurance deductible for you (flight by a third party damage, breakdown, age driver, year of accepted license). You can even visit Europe, is covered!
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